Setting Up ECF Free Look

What are ECF Free Looks?

If you're an attorney of record in a case, the Court will send emails to you as soon as new pleadings are filed. The emails will include special links to the documents that will enable you to download the documents for free.

There is a catch, however: ECF gives you only get one free look. Once you've used your free look, you'll have to pay the typical PACER fees for subsequent downloads. This ends up costing law firms lots of money, because lawyers typically need to see the same document multiple times.

DocketBird can solve this problem for you by using your free looks to download your documents for you and store them in the cloud forever. You can then access your documents as often as you like, for free. This can ensure that you pay nothing to download documents in your cases.

How Does DocketBird Use My ECF Free Looks?

Each DocketBird user has a unique DocketBird email address. To ensure that DocketBird can take advantage of your free looks, all you have to do is set up each of your ECF Court accounts to send filing notifications to your unique DocketBird email address. When new filings occur in your cases, filing notification emails will be sent to DocketBird. We'll then parse those emails and download your documents for you, for free.

How Do I Get Started?

Integrating your ECF accounts with DocketBird is easy. There are two ways you can do it. The easiest way is to provide DocketBird with your ECF login credentials. DocketBird will then log in to your ECF account for you, and add your unique DocketBird email address to your ECF account instantly. Alternatively, you can log in to your ECF account yourself, and manually add your unique DocketBird email address to your ECF account.