Pricing and PACER Fees


The PACER system charges users standard fees to download docket sheets and documents, and to search for cases. These fees are currently 10 cents per page, for a maximum of $3.00 per document. These fees are not included in your DocketBird monthly fee. You are responsible for paying all PACER fees that you incur by using DocketBird.

Two Ways to Pay For PACER Fees

DocketBird gives you two options for paying PACER fees: your own PACER account, or your credit card.

1. Using Your PACER Account to Pay PACER Fees

When you provide your PACER username and password to DocketBird, we will use your PACER credentials to interact with the PACER system behind the scenes. We will log in to PACER for you to perform searches, update your docket sheets, and download your documents. PACER will charge you its fees directly; you will pay PACER and not DocketBird for those fees.

2. Using Your Credit Card to Pay PACER Fees

If you don't want to provide your PACER credentials to DocketBird, you can use your credit card. When you choose this method, DocketBird will use its own PACER account to perform searches, update your docket sheets, and download your documents. You will pay DocketBird directly for these fees; you will not pay PACER.

No Hidden Access Charges

DocketBird has no hidden access charges. You are only responsible for paying your monthly DocketBird fees and your PACER fees. Unlike other services, we will never charge you per-document transaction fees to access your PACER documents.

How to Keep Costs to a Minimum

By far the best way to reduce your PACER fees is to set up your ECF Free Looks with DocketBird. This will enable DocketBird to download new case filings for free in cases on which you are an attorney of record. In fact, in many instances DocketBird can enable you to entirely avoid PACER fees on some of your cases, if you are an attorney of record.