Adding Cases to DocketBird

      Three ways to Add a Case:

    • Search all cases associated with an ECF account
    • Searching by case number
    • Searching by the parties involved

    Let's Explore the first option: Searching all cases associated with your ECF account:

    • If you've not already added an ECF account, see *This article* for a step by step on adding ECF accounts.

    • Once you've linked an ECF account, choose your court and click submit. 
    • You'll be presented with a full list of cases associated with your ECF account. 

    All of your cases will be displayed in blue and the ones you select to add will display in green

    • Click Save to DocketBird

    Your cases will begin downloading and in seconds you'll be able to view downloaded case in your DocketBird docket sheet

    Example docket sheet:

    Let's explore the second option: adding a case with a case number

    • Enter your case number and select your jurisdiction, then hit submit

      Your case will appear in blue

    • Click Save to DocketBird to download your case and save it to the DocketBird docket sheet. Let's explore the third option: adding cases by party

    • Enter the name of the party, case type, and jurisdiction